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Dedicated to carrying on the legacy.

James J Campany
James J Campany

Since 1980

Founded by James J Campany in 1980. Jim came from poverty and was determined to make a better life for his family. Without even graduating high school, he set out to build an amazing business in the only field he knew…roofing. Jim built this company all by word of mouth over the last 41 years. There was no advertising needed due to cleanliness and quality of the workmanship.

Sadly, Jim passed away May 3rd. He has left us with some pretty big shoes to fill! Fortunately, most of the team he left behind has been working for Campany Roofing for years, some from the start. His wife and daughter are now running the business with the assistance of his son and brother, who have also been in the roofing industry their entire lives.

This team is completely dedicated to carrying on Jim’s legacy. We know he is still guiding us every step of the way. We will continue taking pride in our workmanship and leaving every job spotless.

To our long time customers who may be unsure of where the company is or is going…we are here!! We are still committed to you. We have the best support in the world and we have no plans of going anywhere!