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A legacy of Love

SINCE 1980

Growing up, I watched my father pour his heart into every roof he touched. Having come from so little, he treasured the chance to provide shelter and safety for our community. But he didn’t just see shingles and flashings – he saw the people, stories and dreams held safe beneath each roof.


He knew firsthand how it feels lying awake, worrying if the weather will hold. Wondering how you’ll keep your loved ones warm and dry. He had lived that childhood alongside his siblings, going without so often in a family with next to nothing. So when he and my mother founded Campany Roofing in 1980, it was never just a job to him. It was a calling to make sure other families never carry that same burden. His brothers went on to start their own roofing company in Florida, equally determined to build a better life.


Over 40 years, my mom and dad poured everything into lifting up our little corner of the world. Yes, they built a business. But more importantly, they built a legacy of love. When their own employees needed homes, my parents bought and fixed up houses for them to rent affordably. They opened a bar and carwash, creating jobs for dozens more. Anytime a neighbor fell on hard times, they were first in line to lend a hand, always so eager to love on people in need.


I thought I’d have decades more to soak up their shining example. But in the span of just 18 months, cancer stole both my sweet parents away – first Dad, then Mom. Watching them fight with such bravery and grace, even as their bodies gave out, taught me more about living with purpose than I could ever put into words.


Losing them shattered me. But it also lit a fire in my soul to pick up the torch they carried so beautifully. Now, alongside my family and our dedicated team, I’m determined to keep my parents’ generous spirit alive through Campany Roofing. We’re a company that sees people, not just projects. We’ll love on our neighbors by lifting the burden of leaky, damaged roofs. We’ll do it with all the tenderness and devotion my parents always showed.

In loving memory

Our team who will be helping you along the way

Jonathan, Patsi + Kerri