Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to replace my roof?

It takes us one day to replace your roof! Unless it is super complicated or massive, we are done the same day we start!

Q: How long until you can get here to replace my roof?

A: Generally, we are out 2-3 weeks at all times.  That is assuming no rain or snow!  For each and everyday we have unsatisfactory weather, we will be pushed back!  Unfortunately, we are not able to predict the weather, so we cannot guarantee a start date.  We will call the day before we come!  

Q: What shingles do you use?

A:  We use Atlas brand shingles and love them!  They have so much copper in them that they will not allow algae streaks to grow!  They have a better warranty and higher wind warranty than other brands.  We will use other brands when matching shingles for repairs.  We match to whichever brand is on the roof. 

Q: Should I tear off my roof, or lay over the top?

A: I believe in doing things the right way, always tear off!  It is against codes in our county to lay over anything but one layer of 3 tabs.  When the roof is leaking (most people wait until their roof is leaking), you will never want to layover it.  I know people think this is a fix to the leak, but it really isn’t.  When you encounter a leak, it will be very hard to find the leak, as it gets trapped between the 2 layers and travels.  I like to say that putting a 2nd layer on is like putting a bandaid on a dirty cut.  It might work for a little while, but it is not a permanent solution. 

Q: Can I get a 30 year shingle?

A: Shingles no longer come in 30 year vs 50 year.  All brands come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty and are expected to last 15-25 years depending on the environment they are in.

Q: What time of year is it best to replace our roof?

A: The preferred time of year to replace roofs here in the Northeast would be Spring + Fall.

Q: How do I know if it is time to replace my roof?

A: There are things to look for such as curling shingles, blown off shingles, granuals coming off, and pipes/chimneys leaking are a few signs to look for.  You can always call us for an inspection to help you determine how much time you have left on your roof.

Q: How long does it take to tear off a roof?

A: An average size house will only take a few hours to tear off! 

Q: How many shingles can you lay in one day?

A: We can lay up to 30 sq in one day, depending on the pitch, and how complicated the roof is.

Q: Will my roof break if I walk on it?

A: If it has been leaking for some time, and is rotted out, you could definitely fall through!  It is unsafe to get on your roof if you know you have been having long standing issues.

Q: How messy is getting a new roof?

A: This is a good question.  Let’s just say, I wouldn’t want to be home for my own roof replacement!  It is a VERY messy job.  We do however, always leave the ground looking better than we got there.  We take pride in our cleanliness at the end of the day.

Q: How do I know if my roof is properly vented?

A: We are trained in ventilation, so we can help you determine if it is or not.  Most homes are not properly vented!  You never want multiple forms of outake (ridge vent, whirlybirds, box vents, gable vents).  You should never have box vents or whirlybirds on more than one side of the house. 

Q: What happens if my attic isn’t vented?

A: If you attic is not vented, it can overheat and cause moisture issues and mold.  It will also cause your shingles to deteriorate faster because of the heat!

Q: How much should I spend on a roof?

A: That is a hard one to answer!  There is no one answer.  Every single roof is different, and therefore priced differently.  We take into consideration the pitch, the layers, the access to the property, the roof planes, and many more things.  I will say that you should approach the lowest price with extreme caution.  This is a huge red flag that they are most likely not insured (meaning you are fully liable if they get hurt, or break something), and the odds of them being around when something goes wrong is VERY slim.  A roof is something you want to spend more on and make sure you are hiring an expert so you don’t have problems, and if you do, they will be there to help you with them!  You definitely want someone who has insurance, in case someone falls off the roof, so you don’t get sued!  I would also caution the estimates that are extremely high for the same reasons…they are probably out to make a fast buck!  

Q: So how do I know who to hire then?  This sounds complicated!

A: Yes!  This is what I love to help with.  You want someone who has a lot of experience.  Like at least 10 years.  (96% of all businesses fail within the first 10 years) This will increase your odds of them being around when you have issues or need them.  You want someone who can give you really good references (not their friends), and who has the proper insurance.  You will want to ask the contractor for a COI, and on that COI you will want to see liability insurance ($1M), auto insurance ($1M), AND workers compensation!  Bonus points if they have an umbrella policy.  Then from there, trust your gut.  Do they seem like honest people?  Do you see their trucks around often?  Does the deal seem too good to be true?  Did they seem shady?  Do they have an office?  Did they return your calls?  Did they have good customer service?  All of these things matter!  Ask your friends for references! 

Q: So how many quotes should I get?

A: I would say 3.  If you get more than that, you will probably get too confused.  If you get less than that, you won’t have enough information to know if you have some shady ones in there.  The hard part is knowing if you’re comparing apples to apples.  Again, the COI is going to be your best bet in determining if the company is legit.  Roofing insurance is EXPENSIVE.  There is a reason roofs cost a lot to fix/replace, that being the #1 reason! 

Q: Are roof quotes negotiable?

A: We always give our customers the best price we can possibly give up front.  I just personally feel like it is a game, and a waste of time for both the homeowner and us.  However, I have heard of some companies who will leave lots of wiggle room in to negotiate and can knock $10,000+ off!   😳  Again, I would go with your gut on this one.  

Q: How often should I have my roof inspected?

A: You should typically have it checked 2x per year.  In the spring and fall.